Category: Remote Controlling

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Gate opener with telephone control on GSM network - Single command with optorelè in closing up to 60V - 500mA - Protected. You can use a single ring or password that can be set by the user via SMS

Power supplier: 12Vdc 1A

Dimension: 58x75x28 mm


Receiver fiber Single Mode to 3G-HD-SD 4 output splitter


Box 1UR for up to 4 Xoptic4-HDRX modules


1 UR box for Xoptic-HDTX / HDRX modules - Up to 8 modules

Internal Power Supply - Double LC front end


Module 3G-HD-SD Receiver on Single Mode Otic Fiber


Module 3G-HD-SD Transmitter on Single Mode Optic fiber


3G-HD-SD Transmitter and Receiver on Single Mode Optic Fiber

SX-VX01 - 300m VGA UTP Extender 1x1 Splitter with Audio

300m VGA UTP Extender 1x1 Splitter with Audio

1). Extend VGA video and stereo audio signal max up to 300m over single UTP cat5e/6 cable

2). Adjusting GAIN and PEAK to adapt for the different length of UTP cable

GAIN: Brightness adjustment

PEAK: Skew adjustment

3). Supports resolution max up to 1920x1200 

4). Dual output at local unit: 1 x VGA output for local site,plus 1 x UTP output for remote site 

5). Work with monitors projectors, HDTV, and flat panels

6). DC 5V 1A power supply

7). Size: Sender: L441xW202xH45mm,Receiver: L100xW65xH25.5mm